Classic Mission statements constructed with expensive words and long-winded paragraphs convey ideals like trust, integrity, commitment and honesty.


These ideals are not just printed words or goals for us. Rather, they encompass the way we live our personal and professional lives, doing the right thing in words and actions all the time.



Our Account Managers and Associates are committed to servicing any and all of your benefits needs. There is always someone here to help even if they are not your direct contact. NFG benefit experts have years of experience managing our book of business.

Integrity encompasses everything we do here at Nelson Financial Group. That is why we go out to market every year for our clients. Your business is meaningful to us and that is why you deserve the best and most reliable service. Moreover, your business deserves to be handled by trustworthy individuals. We work to earn your business and continue to work hard to retain your business and maintain our relationship with you.



NFG brings a wealth of knowledge to your company from years of experience in a wide range of industries, but we do not rely on our knowledge alone. As your broker, our experts work with you to determine employer needs. After establishing what you need, we then use our tools to examine how we meet those needs.


Providing the information does not mean you should agree with it or implement it. We illustrate how you can meet those needs and you make the best decisions for your business.

o Accounting Firms                                                o Imaging            

o Architectural Firms                                              o IT Consulting

o Automotive                                                          o Law Firms   

o Construction                                                        o Logistics/Distribution

o Data Warehousing                                              o Mortgage Firms

o Education                                                             o Non-Profits

o Engineering                                                         o Pool/Landscaping

o Financial Services                                                o Property Management

o Fitness                                                                  o Real Estate

o Healthcare                                                            o Retail

o Hospitality                                                            o Senior Care

o HVAC                                                                    o Technology

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